Oprah! O.M.G.! It has been soooooo long! Have you missed me? I certainly have missed our interactions. It looks like I may have a little more time for you in my busy life, thought, so don’t fret. I sent both of my boys off to school today!

Sweet Pierce started kindergarten albeit a little reluctantly—after all who wants to leave the loving embrace of their video game console? He acted like he was crying about leaving me, but let’s be honest, this summer his games were better parents than Greg and I.

Mikey joined his fourth grade class with a bit more dignity, but I know he probably wanted to cry a little. Me, on the other hand, did a private little dance over my new-found freedom, but I can’t gloat too much because Greg will get very resentful, as he has pretty much no freedom.

I went back to work for Ethan Allen in January of this year, and I love being back! However, it has been an adjustment because I work every weekend, which means that Greg parents his boys all by himself on his two days off. That can be pretty trying… We are managing, though, and the additional income and creative outlet has been wonderful.

This past weekend we bid summer adieu by celebrating Mikey’s 9th birthday on Saturday and a friend’s little boy’s birthday on Sunday. Whew! School couldn’t have started on a better day offering me a reprieve! I do believe, though, that I am going to start having the boys’ birthdays at some place like Boing or Dave and Busters for a couple of hours and call it a day. It doesn’t save any money to have the party at my home, because like a pompous ass I go nuts trying to be Martha Stewart both in food and presentation, to impress my friends and family. It’s too hard and stressful, my house is too small, and I am losing my ability to do it graciously, so I think my last gracious move will be to bow out. The dumbest part about this is that I hate to cook, and yet I will do it just for the presentation, getting more resentful with each cup of flour and dirty pan. I guess I just don’t have enough time… In spite of everything, I think everyone had a good time. The kids were great, too!

So after all of my tap dancing on my way to the car after dropping the boys at school, I do have a new concern—because who would I be if I didn’t analyze future things to be worried about—am I going to have enough time with my boys? Unless I schedule time off or school is out on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, we will have no full days together. Well, we’ll manage, I suppose, but they do get lonesome for their mama. It’s hard for Greg and me to get date night too, because I have so little time with the kids, scheduling anymore time away causes me guilt…Oh well…the saddest thing about all of this is that it all shall pass—in the blink of an eye, and I will long for them to want to be with me. Oh lord help me strike a balance! And get one more snuggle, hug or kiss from them!

Talk to you soon, Oprah!