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Dear Oprah,

Do you have any weird sort of O.C.D. type habits?  I don’t because I am perfect, but my kids have a few.  Thanks, Donovan genes…  Pierce’s goodbye routine comes to mind.  I use the word “routine” loosely because he allows very little room for variation.  It is called “Hugs, Kisses, and Goodbyes,” and it goes something like this:  (I hope he forgives me when he is old enough to read this post since most assuredly it will not be as precise as he requires.)

Pierce:  “Mommy, hugs, kisses and goodbyes!” (sung in a reminder voice)

Me:  “Okay darlin’” as I proceed to hunched back embrace of my sweet little boy, punctuated by Pierce mapping out each step “Huuuggggs-“  then we peck each other on the lips (which was a little weird for me since we didn’t kiss anyone but our lovers on the lips in my family, but since he’s calling the shots, I just go along… that and I secretly love this routine and I know it won’t last forever.)  These two steps are followed by us parting and waving in each other’s faces while exuberantly saying
“goodbye!”  So, pretty cute, huh?  Well, this is where it starts to become a little OCD.

Pierce: “Goodbye!”

Me: “Goodbye, Pierce”

Pierce: “No.  Just say goodbye.  ‘Goodbye, Mommy!’”

Me:  (A little too animatedly) “GOOD-BYYEEE”

Pierce:  “Just say goodbye.  Wait.  Okay, ’Goodbye, Mommy!’’’

Me:  Firmly and attentively, but not too enthusiastically I say “Goodbye.”

Pierce:  “I love you!”

Me:  “I love you, too!”

Pierce: “No.  Just say I love you.  Not ‘too.’”

Me:  “I love you”

Pierce:  “Wait!  I love you!”

Me:  “I love you, angel!”  Oops…I screwed up again…

Pierce:  “Okay, say ‘I love you, angel’ then ‘goodbye angel.’”

Pierce:  “Good bye, Mama” (wait!  He changed it up on me…should I call him out on it?  Better not, or I will never get to work.)  “I love you, Mama!”

Me:  “Goodbye, Angel!  I love you, Angel!”

I finally get to leave for work and realize that I have killed 8 hours hammering out the best way to depart from my youngest son…he’s pretty delicious even with the quirks!