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Dear Oprah,

I have missed writing to you so much…I just can’t seem to organize intelligent thought into more than three sentences these days…My latest platform has been posting photos on Instagram and putting a witty caption that probably nobody reads, because let’s face it–that platform is devoted to the lazy who like eye candy–like me!


Well, the great and powerful G. (my husband Greg) said that I should morph by blog into more of a photo one from my traditional yarn spinner, just to get my fix.  It was the most exciting idea I had heard in a long time!  This way you get to see cool pics and you are already programmed to read my captions!  Sucka!

So until I get some awesome visual fodder, I am going to plagiarize myself and re-post my best of Instagram (in my opinion) here!  Please feel free to comment with your own captions!wp-1459443420111.jpg

Mothra has been spotted!  Run!   (This was a weird blue bummed bee kept flying back and forth over my head, so I snapped approximately 100 shots of blur and nothing to get this guy in mid flight!)


Oops–startled Don Knotts at the zoo.  Didn’t know he lived there…