Awards II

I want to thank my kindred spirit Anne Onsoein of Enjoy My Journey.  She is a Norwegian transplant to Portugal and I am a Norwegian-Minnesotan transplant to Florida–practically sisters!  She is a marvelous artist and blogger with a quirky and spiritual introspective side.  She was sweet enough to give me two awards today, and given my dry spell of late, followed by endless questioning of what I really think I am doing here, it was a much needed pick-me-up!  Thanks, Anne!  You’re a Gem!

The first one is the Versatile Blogger Award

And the second one is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are telling seven things about myself and nominating seven bloggers for these awards.

1.I think I have the two most beautiful boys ever born (who would have predicted that?

2.I wish I could have a two hour nap every day.

3.I tried to make a “perfect husband” board on Pinterest, but I could “pin” John Hamm’s picture to it.

4.  The Perfect Husband Board was actually my perfect husband’s idea–I guess that’s why I couldn’t pin any other men to it.  At least that’s what Greg said!

5. I really wish I was rich, so that I could create endlessly without worry about how I was going to pay my bills or buy my artist tools!

7. I wish I could live on Doritos and Cake and be thin and healthy.

I know those were sort of random thoughts about myself–but they are very telling about who I am!

These are the bloggers that I know and love because they are so very inspiring and amusing!  Thanks for entertaining me and thousands of others!

Five Second Rules

The Good Greatsby

The Laughing Housewife



I’m in hell aka tech support

She’s a Maineiac

I know many of you have more followers that God–but who can’t use a few more!  Pass these awards on the way you see fit.  Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Awards II”

  1. Thanks for nominating me!

    I have to disagree with number one because that privilege belongs to me 🙂

  2. Thanks for the award and congrats on yours. I also wish I could take a nap every day. I’d even settle for one hour.

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