About me and what I do all day.

My husband and I live in Florida with our two sons Michael and Pierce.  We have been married almost 17 years and it wasn’t until 11 years in that we decided to start a family.  I guess I couldn’t put off the inevitable forever.  I’ve had several jobs and a couple of careers as an adult: massage therapist, Benjamin Moore Color Consultant, Ethan Allen Design Consultant, Furniture Re”Newer”and Artist.  After Pierce was born two years ago, I decided to stay at home with my boys.  I figured I could do some freelance design and maybe some portraits–and I have–but mostly I’m “Mommy”.

I was so entertained by Michael, my first-born, that at a certain point I thought I should write the stories of our daily life and maybe, just maybe they would make a good book someday.  If not, it’s a wonderful record for the boys when they’re grown.  I had a couple different girlfriends tell me that I should do a blog that talks about the funny day-to-day experiences I have as a mother.  I couldn’t imagine who would be interested in this if they didn’t know me or my family.  But then as I wrote my stories and worked to put a funny slant on them, I found that I was entertained even when I went back and read them months later.  So, I thought–what the heck!  As an artist, I love, love, love to try new creative outlets.  July 5th was when I launched my blog, and I have committed to writing everyday.  I know that some of the stories are going to be more inspired than others, but I need to see this through.  When I have been on a drawing or painting kick or any other medium for that matter, the desire ebbs and flows a lot!  To the point where I may not do anything for many, many months.  The discipline to show up everyday is what I owe this endeavor if I want it to go where my heart is hoping–I need to treat it like a career instead of a hobby.  So, here I am!  Let me know what you think and if you love it, pass it on.  If you don’t–well–SCREW YOU!!!  Just teasin’…a little… 🙂

8 thoughts on “About me and what I do all day.”

  1. I like it! Had six brothers and sisters. If my mom could have blogged back then … I’d still be in trouble! I’m following your blog.

  2. What a cool blog! I’m having a grand old time reading through all your entries. Keep it up.

    • Really? Thanks! I read your “baby-shit colored couches” blog, and had to laugh. I tried the “House Spirit” one, but I didn’t know what your “School House” was, and you told me to go away! 🙂 I’ll go back and finish it!

  3. I’m so happy to meet you, ilove your blog, very fresh! See u around!

  4. Hi, we would like to invite you to guest post for The Daily Quirk. Please email us if you would like more info: contactus {at} thedailyquirk {dot} com

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