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Wow!  Winter has arrived in Florida—I hate it…  I know it doesn’t last long and by most of the world standards it’s mild, but it’s about to get to 26 degrees tonight—and windy as heck!  I will admit, it makes sleeping good, though; but I’m still on the lookout for a home in Ecuador—it’s got to be the same lovely, warm, weather all year around down there, right—I mean it’s name implies that.

Flanders our indoor/outdoor cat has definitely become mostly indoors, and his 12 pound frame on our bed in the middle of the night resembles more that of a sperm whale.  We love him though…  When he went outside this morning to use the facilities in the front yard, the wind must have really had him nervous because he was darting all over the place once his business was taken care of—it looked a bit like something invisible was poking him in the hind end with a hot (or cold in this case) poker.  Well, he eventually escaped from whatever ghostly entity that was stalking him, and got back in the house to recover.

This morning I got the boys dressed in toasty clothes to run an errand, and they both finally got a chance to wear the beautiful sweaters that their Grammy made them—I should have taken pictures—they looked like they could have been Ralph Lauren’s grandchildren.  I like to try to look like (or at least make my children) look like glamorous old American aristocracy.  It definitely advertises the fact that we have generations of old money to throw around, but we use elegant discretion—like driving Nissans and living in 1600 square feet.

When we got back from the bank with sticky hands (no, we didn’t hold up the bank, although in hindsight that’s never a bad idea—oh!  Is that contrary to the last paragraph?) and Dum Dum’s hanging like cigarettes out our mouths (and by our, I mean the boys.); only to come in and hunker down in the warmth of our house.  The rest of the day was spent pleading and threatening Mikey with the loss of various fun things if he didn’t start to poop again.  Yep, we’re back here again… God help us all, and some of our bowels.

School starts back next Monday, so before Michael totally forgets everything we decided to do a little writing and reading.  We also attempted the shoe tying scenario.  Let me say, that my non-mechanically inclined, limited fine tune motors skilled, auditory processing, with limited attention span, child was acting like I was wasting his time.  With the vacant stare, while I’m giving directions and guiding his dead hands,–well, let me say it was a bigger lesson in me trying not to become a child abuser than it was for him in tying shoe laces.  Thank God for Velcro!  Excuse me—hook and loop…sorry Velcro trademark.

Right now, Michael is startling his brother and making Pierce laugh like he might explode—it’s like that YouTube video where they made sick amounts of money over their silly, cute, little baby laughing a belly laugh repeatedly.  I suppose it’s been played out…no use in getting out the video camera…

And somebody tell me why kids have to ask questions that they know the answers to?  You know how somebody decided that there are no stupid questions?  They didn’t have kids—there are tons of them!  Mikey just said to me as I was doing something in my bedroom, “Mommy, is this the new carpet we are standing on?”  “No, Mikey, I had them put the old stuff back in last night while you were sleeping.”  Really?  These are the questions that I am subject to many, MANY, times a day!  God love him….